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MasterFile import/export CSV guide

The CSV guide explains how to modify or create CSV load files in Excel for MasterFile when loading evidence in bulk. In this Express Load mode, MasterFile takes profile field values from the CSV file rather than you entering them in MasterFile itself.

The MasterFile import/export CSV guide and an example load file are attached below.

Although CSV mode is designed for large batches of documents with full profile information, it can also be used when you need

  • to load documents and required profile fields are missing,
  • to update profile information,
  • to update profile information and document files,
  • to automatically split and load individual documents out of aggregate PDFs containing hundreds of documents into their own profiles,
  • and other tasks where profiles or meta data needs to be updated.

During Express Load, MasterFile generates a CSV log with a summary of the files loaded that contains the information in the original CSV load file as well as the unique MasterFile document ID (the UNID) for each document. 

The CSV log is itself loaded into MasterFile in its own profile at the end of the Express Load process, and can later be used to reload or update profile data of the documents loaded.