Refreshing Extract Profiles

Some information on extract profiles is copied from their associated parent document profile. However, if that information on the parent document profile is modified, then the extract profile will not be up to date with the latest information and it needs to be refreshed.

Document profiles whose extract profiles need to be refreshed will be flagged with a lightning bolt icon in the "by Date", "by Last edit date" or "by Entered date" views.

Individual extracts are refreshed when they are opened; however, to ensure all extracts of a document are updated, they need to be refreshed using the Extract Refresher agent.

Click on [R+] > Profile Maintenance > Extract Refresher

On the Extract Refresher dialog, Only documents that need to be refreshed is selected as default. If many are pending, this may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes. We want to just refreshing the one selected document so we chose Selected documents and click OK.

If the profile is open, or perhaps for other reasons, you may see this error. Pop up the status bar as advised, if so.

The document profile is refreshed.