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Tips for working with Extracts

As for Document profiles, complete as much of the profile as you require. Typical extract profile information includes:

  • an identification of the extract, such as a paragraph, page or question number, etc.,
  • the extract and a brief description of it,
  • links to relevant issues or topics,
  • your own comments or notes.

While viewing an extract profile, to go to the parent or source document's profile, click Go to Document at the top of the profile.

Note that some information about the extract's source Document profile is copied into the Extract profile and if that information changes in the source document, the Extract profile needs to be "refreshed". See Refreshing Extract Profiles.

The parent document's profile is opened and the first line of the extract, in the OCR/Transcript/Full Text of Document section, is highlighted. If there is no text present in the section (if you manually entered the extract) then the source document's image file is automatically opened for you.