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How do I load emails from Lotus Notes mail databases?

You can easily load email from any Notes mail database (a .NSF file) into MasterFile by following these steps. All meta data and the email will be extracted and loaded together with attachments. A PDF version will also be created during this process.

The email's profile in MasterFile will contain a link back to the original email in the Notes mail database. If others will need to open the original email, the mail database must be replicated to your Domino server as explained later in this article.

Opening the mail file on your Workspace

Back up the mail database (the .NSF file) and then copy it to the Notes data folder which is normally at C:\Program Files\IBM\Notes\Data or C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data. You can also locate your Notes data directory by following these instructions.

  • For organizational purposes, you may wish to use the Notes mail subfolder (...\IBM\Notes\Data\mail) or create an appropriate subfolder for such mail files
  • If you are using MasterFile's hosted servers, you must place the mail file in your account subfolder of the Notes data folder (...\IBM\Notes\Data\V00X000\MF or similar).

Choose File > Application > Open and navigate to the mail database. The field Look in will state Local or On my computer.

The mail file opens and an icon is placed on the active Workspace tab.

If you received the error messages

  • You are not authorized to access that database, or,
  • This database has local access protection (encrypted) and you are not authorized to access it

you need to obtain the mail file user's Notes ID file and password before you can proceed.

Loading emails

You are now ready to load emails.

Click on E-Mail Loader, and from the dialog box that opens, choose the option Other Notes and then click on Select Notes Database.

Loading emails
  1. From the dialog box that opens, navigate to and select the mail database and click Open.
  2. Select a folder to load, and
  3. Click OK.

Emails in that folder are displayed. Choose the emails to load in the selection margin and click OK.

Complete the E-mail Loader options normally and click OK. The emails you selected are loaded into your case database.

Replicating the mail database to your server

If you are using a Domino server and others will need to open the native emails from the source mail database, it needs to be replicated to your Domino server. Otherwise, it can remain local on your own computer.

Three steps are required to replicate to Domino:

  1. Update the ACL Basics tab.
  2. Update the ACL Advanced tab.
  3. Replicate the mail database to your Domino server.

Choose File > Application > Access Control which opens the Access Control List at the Basics tab. The ACL may have other entries besides the ones shown below.

Click Add and add your Domino server name.

Turn on all options as shown.

Repeat for Local Domain Servers if that entry does not already exist in the ACL.

Turn on all options as shown and click OK to save.

You can now create a new replica of the mail database on your server.