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Warnings and Status alerts: left panel

In earlier versions of MasterFile, common warning and status alerts were often simply logged or shown on the status bar. From version 6 on, you are now notified when certain events take place by a red alert on the left panel.

Warnings are usually just that, whereas errors need to be looked at immediately.

In the above case, two warnings are shown: a mismatch between the file and the case names and an alert to upgrade old profiles (perhaps pasted in from another case with an older version of MasterFile) to this case's version.

Miscellaneous Warnings

Replication Conflicts

Replication has caused conflicts. Clicking the warning itself to open the Replication conflict view so you can resolve them.

Database title and filename differ

Both the database title and its file name should match or the Watch Folder may in some cases, not work.

Generally, there won't be any issues, but we suggest you either

  • Give the database a new title in its property box, or
  • Rename the actual database file (ends in .NSF) file on disk.

The database file will be in the MF subfolder of the Notes or Domino data folder.

  • For local databases, you must first close Notes.
  • If you are running a Domino server, you must shut Domino, rename the file and then restart Domino. Domino locks files and will not permit any renames while running.

Serial expiring/expired

A note that annual support and maintenance is expiring soon.

Unlocked briefcase replica

The briefcase is a replica and unlocked so can't be operated on.

You can only work in briefcases where they were created. If several people are collaborating on production, the briefcase should be created on the server and worked on there. You can replicate a partiality completed briefcase for reference, and in the source, tag or collect in a folder any new documents to be produced and add them to the briefcase later when you're back on line -- in one click.

Upgrade Warnings

Upgrades needed

The database was upgraded but the upgrade either failed or more likely, some profiles failed to upgrade.

Either MasterFile has

  • detected a mismatch between the database version and its internal structure, or
  • flagged documents that weren't upgraded, or that were rolled back to an older version after database upgrade due to replication conflicts or errors.

Click the warning to open the "All by Schema" view to see what is going on.

  1. There should only be one line listed, the highest schema number, which is 12.0 for the version in the example shown.
  2. Since there an entry from an older schema, 11.0, its documents need upgrading. To upgrade such documents, please see this article.

Size Warnings

Database is over 45gb

This warning is displayed when your case database is getting too large.

In concert with Notes or Domino versions 8.5.1 and 9.X, per case evidence database sizes are limited to approximately 45gb and when sizes approach 60gb, a database can fail and be unrecoverable. We alert you

  • WARNING: Database is over 45gb
  • URGENT: Database is over 50gb
  • CRITICAL: Database is over 55gb, and
  • DANGER: Database is over 60gb

In Notes and Domino 10, MasterFile's per case limits are 200gb and 256gb respectively.

The best plan of action if you are close to limits is to move bulky evidence such as audio, video, large images or maps, etc., into another related database. If the primary database is "A vs S", a related one could be titled "A vs S, video and maps". You can always reference a profile in any MasterFile case in another as needed.

The "by Entered date" lets you sort by size using the Doc-size column. Select, copy and paste relevant profiles into the related database. Then delete from the primary database back it up and run database compress task. Please contact us if you need help with this.

FYI, note that written legal documents scanned in 24 bit colour can be up to 10x the size they need be and the reason for large case database sizes. These documents only need be scanned in black and white at 300 dpi resolution.

For Domino 8.5.1 and higher, we can enable MasterFile on Domino DAOS which has a per case limit over 200gb. That applies to connected clients; replication is still restricted to a per case limit of 45gb and therefore, you need to perform selective replication of such a case to take what's most relevant with you. Please contact us if you need information on this.